Why would I want to have a PowerLoo?

It's one cool product that looks good, is easy to operate and makes the clean-up of your dog's waste a breeze.  It keeps you from bending over to retrieve poop and your hands don't touch the waste or the PowerLoo. Your yard stays clean and there are no lingering odors hanging around because you get rid of the waste by flushing it away permanently.

Why is flushing the waste such a good idea?

Because we now know that dog feces are a major source of Nonpoint Source Pollution.  NPS pollution is caused when rainfall or snowmelt moves over the ground picking up pollutants such as chemicals, fertilizers and pet waste and finally depositing them into lakes, rivers, wetlands, coastal and ground waters.  Once in these waters, these pollutants have harmful effects on drinking water supplies, recreation, fisheries and wildlife.  The EPA and CDC say flushing dog waste is the best method of disposal. The PowerLoo system efficiently flushes waste into your existing septic or sewer system where it is treated and made safe.

Where and how is the PowerLoo installed?

The PowerLoo is designed to be situated anywhere in your yard in a spot convenient for you.  It can be located in any soil type and can even be installed in a concrete patio slab.    The bowl, pressure assist unit, hoses and shut-off valve are contained in a polymer shell basin which is buried.  Only the top of the basin, the lid and foot pedal are exposed so there are no bulky additions to your landscape.  The PowerLoo requires connection to your sewer or septic line and a water source.  Installation is straightforward and can be done by you or by a plumber.  PowerLoo offers installation and plumbing services in select areas in Michigan where the company is headquartered.  Just call to check if this is available in your area as the coverage area is expanding all the time.   A complete, easy-to-follow instruction manual ships with the PowerLoo and there is an easy-to-follow installation video on our website.

I own a commercial pet facility.  Can I use the PowerLoo to handle the waste from several dogs?

Keeping a dog-related business clean and the air fresh is no easy task.  The PowerLoo solves many of these issues when installed in Dog day cares, pet hotels, kennels, boarding facilities and veterinary clinics.  The PowerLoo can be located indoors or out for easy accessibility and can be installed in yards or through concrete. The powerful flush and the large basin and trap can handle large amounts of waste efficiently.  It has the benefit of removing dog poop immediately and permanently getting rid of it by flushing it into a sewer system.  This means no unsightly piles or lingering odors for clients to see or smell.

Do I need a permit and are there any restrictions I need to know about?

Each municipality has its own codes and standards and these will vary. Call your local city, town, county or village building department for more information and to obtain any permits required. There is usually a nominal fee for these.

Can the PowerLoo be used in any climate?

Yes.  The PowerLoo is constructed of materials and finishes that stand up to wind, rain, sleet snow and blistering heat and sun. Adding the optional heating element allows the PowerLoo to operate in even the coldest of climates.

Can the PowerLoo be winterized if I don't want to use it during the winter?

Sure.  The PowerLoo can be winterized in a few simple steps, much like you winterize a boat or RV using non-toxic antifreeze. In the Spring, turning on the water source and flushing the system makes it ready for use.

Can anything be flushed down the PowerLoo?

No, not everything.  The PowerLoo is specifically designed to flush dog feces. Just as with your home toilet, certain things should never be flushed into the sewer system.  These include chemicals, oils, hazardous materials, paints, rocks, gravel, soil and plastic bags that are not labeled as flushable.

Is there a lot of maintenance involved?

NO!  This is one of the best things about the PowerLoo. As long as it is used according to the manufacturer's specifications, the only maintenance needed is to brush debris from the top and lubricate the lid wire every few months during usage to keep it and the linkage system working smoothly. Other than those tow things, no routine or recurring maintenance is necessary. The powerful flush, the rim wash, the hurricane design of the bowl and the dispenser that holds deodorizing tablets all ensure that the system remains in tip-top shape with every flush.

How is the Environment affected by dog waste?

There are almost 78 million dogs in the United States, all of whom poop at an average rate of 1-2 pounds a day depending on the size of the dog.  That means they collective produce about 30-75 thousand TONS of waste a day. Flushing the waste allows it to be managed properly.  Imagine what life would be like if we didn't flush human waste. More dogs are living on smaller land spaces in cities and suburbs and this concentration of waste is what tips the scales and makes dog waste an environmental hazard.

Can humans get diseases from dog waste?

Yes they can. Diseases passed form animals to humans are called zoonotic diseases. Dog waste is loaded with all kinds of pathogens. Diseases are either spread through skin contact or accidental ingestion of fecal matter on hands or objects.  Some diseases cause mild intestinal infections and others can be severe and even life-threatening. Removing dog feces from the ground quickly and flushing it away greatly decreases your chances of picking up a bug that makes you sick.

Can dogs get diseases from other dogs' feces?

Yes. This is one reason we vaccinate and immunize dogs. Worms and other pathogens are passed to dogs through direct contact with infected waste or through ingestion. Some disease are mild and some are deadly. So just as with humans, the best thing to do is to get rid of the waste quickly and permanently.

Is dog waste a natural fertilizer?

Dog waste is not a fertilizer. Dogs, unlike cows, are meat-eaters and this means their intestinal tracts are more like our own, colonized with similar bacteria. One big difference is that their gut is home to about twice as many fecal coliform bacteria such as E. coli, as ours. To safely use dog waste as a fertilizer, the composted waste has to reach and sustain very high temperatures to kill the pathogens. This cannot be done through usual composting methods. Even if it is properly done, some canine pathogens have such hard outer shells that they can survive extremes of heat and cold and live for years in soil.

Do septic systems for dogs do the job?

Dog septic systems or pet waste digesters use chemicals to break down feces and then discharge it into the ground. These systems have shown they are prone to breakage and overflow which contaminates the soil. Remember, dog feces are raw sewage. Using a digester system to manage an equivalent amount of human waste is actually prohibited by law.

What about dog waste removal services?

These services offer pick-up and removal of dog waste. Generally, the waste is removed from your yard weekly. These services involve a recurring cost and can be as much as $1200 per year based on average industry rates. The real drawback is that dog removal services just move waste problems from your backyard into the bigger back yard of a community landfill. Waste is not treated; it is stored, most often in plastic bags that take centuries to degrade. Removal services don't  address the fundamental issues of dog waste management.

Is the PowerLoo Eco-friendly?

The materials used to manufacture the PowerLoo were chosen for their low negative impact on the environment and for their durability and dependability.  The powder coated finish uses no volatile compounds and the pressure assist unit is workhorse of conservatism when it comes to water usage. Each flush uses only 1.6 gallons (6 liters) of water to propel the waste into the sewer system. And remember, this waste is managed at a water treatment facility where it is treated and recycled.

Where is the PowerLoo made?

Proudly, the tooling, manufacturing, assemblage, packaging and shipping are all done in the United States of America.


"Our Powerloo has made our lives so much easier, we have a chocolate lab, Duke, and just adopted a St. Bernard, Daisy. We dont know how we would manage without it!"

The Benners, Michigan

"We've had one for about six months now, and LOVE it. We have three dogs in a smallish yard who were generating a lot of poop. Weekly cleanings...

R. McMillim-

I cannot even imagine having a doggy day care without a Powerloo…

Dianne Schoffner-Sam Russells Pet Provisions-Kentucky

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