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The invention of the PowerLoo is solution oriented. As the world has become more industrialized we are living in cities and suburbs with less land space and smaller yards than the sprawling farms of the past. At the same time, we have become a nation of enthusiastic pet owners. In fact, there are roughly 78 million dogs sharing 45 million households in the United States alone! Producing about a pound of poop a day per dog, that adds up to 75 million pounds or 37,500 TONS of waste every single day. Agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have long recognized this as a growing hazard to the environment and health. In fact, they advocate flushing dog waste right into your household toilet where it is handled and treated in the same way human waste is managed! The problem with that idea is that most dog owners can't envision themselves carrying dog poop from the backyard through their house to flush it in a toilet… can you? And, dog poop has a different composition, requiring a powerful flush to handle it and most household toilets are not equipped for this.
So that's the problem: Smaller yards, more dogs and dog poop and no safe, reasonable way to manage it.

GreenDog LLC was established in 2007 to manufacture and sell the Powerloo pet waste management system. The 12,000 square foot corporate headquarters and assembly plant is located in Flint Township. The Powerloo is designed and built right in our plant, and each and every component is quality checked and tested for optimum functionality before shipment. Our dedicated staff is quality oriented and here to help with any questions you may have.

Mission Statement

GreenDog LLC is dedicated to producing and marketing intelligent, affordable and environmentally responsible solutions to managing pet waste and to improving the overall quality of life for pet owners, pets and society in general through superior products and services.


"Our Powerloo has made our lives so much easier, we have a chocolate lab, Duke, and just adopted a St. Bernard, Daisy. We dont know how we would manage without it!"

The Benners, Michigan

"We've had one for about six months now, and LOVE it. We have three dogs in a smallish yard who were generating a lot of poop. Weekly cleanings...

R. McMillim-

I cannot even imagine having a doggy day care without a Powerloo…

Dianne Schoffner-Sam Russells Pet Provisions-Kentucky

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