Environmentally Friendly Dog Waste Removal

If you are like most dog owners, you pick up poop with a pooper scooper, place it in some type of plastic bag, store it in your trash bin and wait for it to be carried off by the city. On the face of it, this sounds faultless, even safe. But here's the thing. Studies have now proven this method to be less than desirable. The reality is it just shifts the problems of 3.6 billion pounds of poop and non-degradable plastic to the bigger backyard of a landfill. And by the way, the bags commonly available and used take 500 years or more to finally degrade.

Another common method of managing dog waste is to go natural and leave it on the ground waiting for the elements to degrade it, the soil to absorb it or rain to carry it off. This would be good if dog waste was a nutrient. But dog waste has a high level of disease causing pathogens. And when it leeches into the soil or runs off into our rain sewers, it ends up contaminating our water tables, creeks, rivers, lakes and even oceans where it harms aquatic life and our favorite recreational spots.

Some folks bury the waste and some really industrious folks compost it. But these aren't sound concepts as they don't kill harmful pathogens that pollute water or contaminate your prized vegetable garden. Composting requires a sustained and extended temperatures of 140°F to kill E. coli. Salmonella and Giardia are trickier as they can survive extreme temperatures and many more pathogens can survive for months in feces and soil. So what sounds like a reasonable solution can end up spreading disease.

Flushing pet waste down your toilet is the most advantageous, responsible and recommended way of disposing of pet waste. But let's be honest. Can you feature yourself retrieving poop from the yard then carrying it inside to flush it down the same toilet your family uses? No way. The idea is disgusting and gross to most of us.

Flushing is the perfect solution if you have a POWERLOO! Designed with you in mind, the POWERLOO offers hands-free, trouble-free operation. Since it easily connects to your sewer or septic system, there are no worries about harming the environment. For the first time, there is a real solution. This uniquely engineered toilet flushes the waste into your septic tank or through your sewer line where it is properly treated and rendered harmless. Mission accomplished! Just pick it up and flush it down!


"Our Powerloo has made our lives so much easier, we have a chocolate lab, Duke, and just adopted a St. Bernard, Daisy. We dont know how we would manage without it!"

The Benners, Michigan

"We've had one for about six months now, and LOVE it. We have three dogs in a smallish yard who were generating a lot of poop. Weekly cleanings...

R. McMillim-

I cannot even imagine having a doggy day care without a Powerloo…

Dianne Schoffner-Sam Russells Pet Provisions-Kentucky

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